Deep dorsal penis vein

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The deep dorsal vein of the penis lies beneath the deep fascia of the penis ; it receives the blood from the glans penis and corpora cavernosa penis and courses backward in the middle line between the dorsal arteries ; near the root of the penis it passes between the two parts of the suspensory ligament and then through an aperture between the arcuate pubic ligament and the transverse ligament of the pelvisand divides into two branches, which enter the vesical and prostatic plexuses. Vasculature of the penis, including superficial dorsal vein, are well-evaluated with Doppler ultrasound. New addition to the differential diagnosis of ulcers of the penis. An indication for the third-line treatment includes no effect after previous therapy or denial for such methods, anatomical and organic disorders, ED after operations within the pelvic a. Anticoagulation with aspirin, heparin, or other antiplatelet agents will not expedite healing and is not necessary to prevent additional thrombosis. Superficial penile dorsal vein rupture can be caused by blunt trauma to an erect penis, particularly when initiating or during sexual intercourse. In the subacute and chronic stages, anti-inflammatory drugs and local heparin containing creams can be prescribed as was done in our case.


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