Alien plants with sexy women

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The resulting battle and crossover series, World War Hulknearly saw Manhattan completely destroyed. Ironically, there actually ARE real green-skinned people in Far Out Therebut they're genetically modified humans, not aliens and so far, none of them have been babes. For every Number Six played by Tricia Helfer in Battlestar Galacticathere are dozens of Vulcans, Elves or aliens from V to make up a group of attractive out-worlders, but that's not what we are looking at here. Any gal that can rock bun-like pigtails in one movie and a gold bikini in another is OK in our books. Available for purchase from store. Robots which attempt to control every aspect of human life with their evil robot logic, or turn humans into cybernetic life forms like themselves, are also a common threat. However, the Condesce, an adult Alternian, is usually drawn as a literally black-skinned space babe. Apparently, for his species, most gender tropes are reversed, so he's actually quite the manly man. Talas was played by Molly Brink, who appeared in only three episodes of the series.


Hmmmm trop bon.,


I'd licke her all over,


Love you to

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