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After 10 minutes the scan had locked in the location of the Pink Ranger and Deviot loaded the image to the screen and saw the Pink Ranger in civilian form was just leaving a building in a quite area of the Space Station where not many People went unless they had a reason to be there. Link Reply Thread from start Parent. As he pressed a button on his computer and sent a battalion of Sting wingers to capture the Ranger, then he headed back up to Trakeena's celebration to inform her of his findings and what he had done about it. If one thing changed though, all hell had a tendency to break loose. If this thing can knock out our best fighters, how are we supposed to fight it? Also, Zack really was the better fighter. Trakeena's Play Time All most 10 minutes later Kimberly came round and realised she was tied down on something, as she looked around she realised it was a bed and a strange woman was standing with her back to Kim and the woman looked like she had a huge bug on her head. It seems that Lord Zedd has decided to try a new tactic.


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