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She rarely offers a glimpse into her world. Barbara Burrell, associate professor of political science at Northern Illinois University, says that what Americans want in a first lady is basically a beauty queen minus the bikini. Completely apolitical, her attentions were solely attuned to her husband and her dogs. They tell themselves that under that helmet head and powder-blue suit she really is a force to be reckoned with, repeating the well-known story that when George was drinking she gave him the ultimatum "Jim Beam or me" and he capitulated. We want our first lady to embody the ideal of wife, mother and helpmate. Was she, as the creators suggest, inspired by those Stepford wives of suburbia, or by a certain spouse resident in the White House? Barbara Bush, wife of George Bush Sr, was similarly lauded when she took up her role as "grandmother" to the nation. The president himself admitted last week that Laura continues to upbraid him in private when necessary. Recently, when Nancy Reagan criticised President Bush for limiting federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, Laura was deployed to put out that fire too, warning the public that no cure via stem cells was remotely imminent.


who is that lady?


oh !!! this is such a good flick ... i always wondered why my mom like 'soap operas' ...


beautiful clip. Thanks. I just love her, esp her lesbian with daughter

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